Sleep training

Sleep-training - that scary phrase! I know there are a lot of moms that are very negative about this, but I wanted to write a post to tell you what my experience was like and maybe it will give you some insight as to how


My breastfeeding journey

This week is World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August 2018). After seeing posts on Instagram with different stories about breastfeeding, it made me think about my own journey, so I thought I would share. I have 2 little boys and my breastfeeding journey with my oldest


Maternity Shoot

I am so super excited to share these photos with you! This is my second (and last) pregnancy, and I never did a maternity shoot with my first-born. I wanted to do one, but I was hesitant, as I don't really see myself as the


Christmas Crafts for the HoliYAYs!

  I absolutely love Christmas. This is one of the most magical times of the year. Although it's always super busy, with the longest to-do list imaginable, we all find time to do everything and still get together with family and friends to throw numerous Christmas


My new babies

It's amazing how everything works out sometimes. We can sometimes get so caught-up in our busy lives; taking care of the kids, working, sorting out the house etc, that we don't take a moment to sit back and just think