Maternity Shoot

I am so super excited to share these photos with you! This is my second (and last) pregnancy, and I never did a maternity shoot with my first-born. I wanted to do one, but I was hesitant, as I don’t really see myself as the ‘modelling type’. But my friend, who is also the photographer, Melissa, said I should just do it, then I have the photos for myself. I don’t need to show it to anyone if I don’t want to

Well, needless to say, I LOVE the result!

I am so super lucky to have amazing friends in the industry that really made me feel so beautiful. I think the main thing to do when you are planning a maternity shoot is to make sure you have a good photographer (one you feel you can trust, so that even though you feel insecure, you know he/she is good enough to make you look good) and definitely book a professional hair & make-up artist. My make-up made me feel like a completely different person! It gave me the confidence to really commit to the shoot and most importantly, ENJOY IT!

Photo’s taken by MEL.K
Stunning hair & make-up by Blush by Amoré
Nails done by Lu’vaan Skin and Beauty

Emmerentia van den hoven

I am a mother, wife, graphic designer, crafter and lover of all things pretty. I aim to make products that are quirky, fun, pretty and functional.

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