The inspiration behind Oh Yay Kids came in 2014 while Emmerentia was pregnant with the original #OhYayKid, her firstborn, Liam. The idea started from a need for cute stuff for kids, but the business plan for an online kids store was still only a dream.


When baby brother, Matteo came along in 2017, things just fell into place and Oh Yay Kids was born. It was the perfect creative outlet for Emmerentia – being a graphic designer, with more than 13 years’ experience in the industry [also check out and support her main businesses: and].


A lot has happened personally and professionally since it all started. Emmerentia is now a single mom of two boys, one furkid [Maya], and three businesses, working hard to balance the adventures of life. This passion project called Oh Yay Kids understandably got put aside for a while.


Friend and social media storyteller, Marlett [check out and support her main business], recently joined forces as partner of Oh Yay Kids. Marlett is married, but [for now] only a wannabe #plantmom [not going too great btw – plant lovers send help]. With her background in social media and community management for small businesses, she complements the creative process beautifully.


We decided to combine our skills, create magic together, and relaunched Oh Yay Kids with new products and even more exciting things coming in the new year.

We invest in Oh Yay Kids because our stuff is not only cool, but also locally made by ourselves and other local small businesses we love supporting. Originally created by a mom for fellow moms, we are committed to bringing you high quality, cool stuff for kids at a fair price.


Whether you’d like to request a custom order, collaborate, or just say hi, we look forward to hear from you.


We hope you’ll find some cool stuff for your little one!

With love from

Emmerentia & Marlett x