My name is Emmerentia. I am a a single mother, graphic designer, crafter and lover of all things pretty.

My two boys are my whole world and their love inspires everything about Oh Yay Kids.


My journey started in 2011 when I decided to quit my job as a graphic designer at an advertising agency and start my own business, Oh Yay, doing wedding invitations and stationery. My business has grown a lot in the last years, having had over a 1000 happy clients (and counting).


In 2014 I fell pregnant and with the excitement of the new addition to our family, a business plan for a kids online store already started. Naturally, things got busy with a newborn and the plans were put on hold, but ever since then I was dreaming of starting Oh Yay Kids.


I fell pregnant again in 2017 and planning the nursery just re-awoke my passion for making pretty things for little children. It’s amazing how life can inspire a business and how things just work out as it should. This time everything just fell into place and Oh Yay Kids was born!


My products are inspired by the people I love, things that I find pretty and things that makes life just a little more fun!

I hope my little products can add some fun and prettiness to your little one’s life. Happy shopping!! xxx